The Benefits of Allergy Testing


The Benefits of Food Allergy Testing. Relieve your symptoms with an Allergy Test.

‘Why am I always tired?’ You probably find yourself asking this question a lot. It may be because you are overworked, stressed or tired, but it could also be because a food allergy is affecting the way you work and live. If it is an allergy or a sensitivity then food allergy testing is definitely the right thing for you.

Food Allergy Testing

If you do think you have a food sensitivity or allergy, then you will be itching to understand why your body is reacting the way it is to certain foods. Food allergies can disrupt your social life and work life, so make sure you consider food allergy testing as a way of beginning your journey to a healthier you.

What is causing your issues?

IBS and other digestive issues could be causing your pain and can be caused by other issues. The issue with a food allergy or food sensitivity is that one symptom can cause many more. An example would be if you had stomach issues from a food sensitivity which were affecting your sleep. This will then leave you feeling stressed and tired. You should, therefore, make it a priority to see if you have an allergy by considering food allergy testing. If it is a food sensitivity, then food sensitivity is the way to go.
So, if you are struggling with fatigue then it may well be because you have a food sensitivity or allergy. At Allergy Test, we love to help our customers manage their allergies and intolerances. Why don’t you order a test today and become part of our expanding community?

What do you get when you purchase from Allergy Test?

You will receive a comprehensive report from us detailing all your results as well as some advice from our expert team. 

All the results that you will receive include items identified as showing a reaction of 85% and over. Having conducted many thousands of bioresonance hair tests, we believe this percentage to represent the point for which most symptoms arise. Want to know a bit more about food allergy testing for sensitivities and intolerances? Please scroll down.

  • Your hair sample tested against 600 food and non-food items
  • A comprehensive report detailing your results in an easy to understand format
  • A FREE consultation by email with our nutritionist
  • 24 hour, Monday-Friday, online support from our customer service time via LiveChat
  • Our customer promise to you.

To start your journey with us, check out our tests below!

Order your test today! Start your journey to wellness.

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