Sensitivity to Dairy

If you know that you have a sensitivity to milk, then you should probably make sure there isn’t an underlying issue, such as a hidden ingredient which is causing you issues. There are many ingredients within milk which could be the culprit, and it is important you know what the trigger foods are.
If you recognize any of these symptoms, then you likely have an intolerance to dairy:

  • Bloating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Weight Gain
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Problems
  • Joint Pain

Remember, you may not realize you even have an intolerance to certain foods. However, even the mildest food sensitivity can affect the way a person lives their life. If you are looking to live your life to the full and be able to attend events and activities on a daily basis, then a food sensitivity test is the way forward. It is likely that dairy will make up an increasingly large part of a person’s diet, so, if undetected, they are difficult to avoid.

Allergy Test tests food intolerances to dairy and eggs items.

Helping you to help yourself, at Allergy Test, we have created a food sensitivity testing kit, highlighting which foods your body is intolerant to, as well as the ingredients of dairy. In total, the tests can look at reactions in your blood to up to 725 food and non-food items and ingredients. This can be completed easily at home by sending us a sample of your hair in the post.

What do we offer?

The full Allergy Test process offers:

  • Sending us a quick hair sample.
  • Comprehensive Report sent via email.

Instant Results Access through Email

At Allergy Test, we know you want to know what you are intolerant to ASAP, as you are most likely looking to alter your diet and cut out offending foods. Therefore, we provide you with access to your results as soon as they are in and have been verified.
Once approved, you will have secure online access to them having received an email from us. With a username and a password, you can log in and begin your journey to a new and healthier you, as you eliminate offending foods from your diet. Take a look at your results and read your in-depth report on your intolerances.

A full report sent by email.

Enabling the convenience of being able to see your results online immediately, we also send you a comprehensive report, outlining all the foods that you are intolerant to. These tests help you to take control of your body, and this can set you on your way to managing your own food intolerances.

Order now. Four easy steps.

Step 1

Choose a test to suit your needs and order securely online.

Step 2

Receive a hair submission form and instructions by email.

Step 3

Take a hair sample and post it back with your form.

Step 4

Receive your comprehensive test results report by email.

Order your test today! Start your journey to wellness.

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