Do you have a corn sensitivity?


Corn sensitivity. How can Allergy Test help you?

If you have a food sensitivity to corn then your body will constantly react in a negative way, as your body produces an inflammatory response to the proteins which are present in foods or drinks containing corn! Allergy Test can offer you a simple food sensitivity test which will help you test your body’s response to certain items and therefore if you have a food sensitivity. 

Fortunately, corn is often found on its own, and can, therefore, be easily removed from the diet. If you suspect that you have a corn sensitivity, then you can order a food sensitivity test to find out. However, it is important to remember that if your body has an intolerance to corn, it may only need to be removed from your diet for six to eight weeks before you can begin eating it again. On the other hand, if you have an allergy, then you need to eliminate this from your diet forever as you will experience problematic and unhealthy symptoms. To understand the difference between an allergy and sensitivity, you can check out hints and tips from Allergy Test here.

Below are some common and surprising foods that you need to make sure you remove from your diet if you have a corn sensitivity:

allergy test hamburger

Hamburger Patties

If you ever go to any fast food restaurants or find a cheap store to grab some food at, then you should be wary of hamburgers if you have a corn sensitivity. Allergy Test has highlighted that most fast food hamburger patties pad their products with corn.

Corn alternative: Corn-Free Black Bean Burger. Always check the ingredients on the label. 

French Fries

Yes, we know that they are lovely to eat, but they are not always healthy and sometimes contain corn. This is because french fries are often cooked in vegetable oil which contains corn, so be careful! Always check the ingredients on the label. 

Chicken Nuggets

Like most fast-food, processed chicken nuggets are also filled with corn in order to save money. Remember, these chicken nuggets are also fried in corn, so be careful. Always check the ingredients on the label. 

Allergy Test are here to help

If Allergy Test have been able to determine that you have a corn sensitivity, then please do not worry as changing your diet will not be too daunting. We can offer a detailed and comprehensive guide which enables you to learn what your intolerances mean and what your allergy test has shown you should ignore.

If you have any further questions please log on to www.www.testyourintolerance.co in order to find out more about your food sensitivities and relevant symptoms. Our Allergy Test customer service advisors will be delighted to help you in any way they can, and they are available via LiveChat 24 hours a day, 5 days a week


Order your test today! Start your journey to wellness.

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