Food allergy or sensitivity?

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Food allergy or sensitivity?

9,000 customers a month trust us in delivering comprehensive results.
Headaches, bloating or stomach cramps? These are just some of the symptoms of allergies and sensitivity. We test up to 725 items to help you improve your health and lifestyle!

Our allergy test is defined as a non IgE-mediated test also referred to as a Sensitivity or Intolerance test.

Order your intolerance & allergy test now. Four easy steps.

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Take a hair sample and post it back with your form.

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Receive your comprehensive test results report by email.

Understand your symptoms

We test 725 items!

Do you regularly feel tired and bloated? It could be as simple as a food allergy!  Our tests can help you eliminate the foods holding you back. Buy online or call us on (832) 369-0544.

Comprehensive allergy testing


Understand your health from a few strands of hair

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So, why should you choose to get an Allergy Test?

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Do you suffer with Migraines, Nausea, BloatingDiarrhea, Constipation, Fatigue, Skin Rashes and Eczema, Stomach Cramps, Brain fog, Lethargy or constant tiredness? These are just some of the symptoms of allergies and sensitivities. We provide a simple test that can identify the causes and help you to make changes to your diet or your life that can ease these symptoms.
Our non-invasive test uses the very latest bioresonance technology categorised under Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs). The same equipment is used by more than 7000 practitioners in Germany, Austria and throughout Europe. This exact testing equipment is used by both Olympic and professional sports teams.

NEW! 19-page downloadable allergy guide with EVERY test purchased.

Choose your test. Let’s make a change today.

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NEW! Pets Allergy Test!

Discover how your pet reacts to certain food items and the possible cause of symptoms in one easy to understand pet intolerance test.

  • 30 Common items that affect pets.
  • Easy to understand report.
  • Ideal for Dogs, Cats, horses and any pets with hair.
  • Identify pet symptoms fast and improve wellbeing.

What's your diet doing for you?

Do you suspect your diet or lifestyle is having an adverse effect on your wellbeing?
Our allergy and sensitivity tests will give you the information you need to make changes.
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Trusted service. What our customers are saying.

I bought this test for my family after I got my results, it’s really helpful and means we have less of a worry at meal times now as we know what people need to not eat.
John E. Klein Via Google

I’ve got a few tests to try and see what was giving me headaches, but this one gave the best results and I could ask more questions on the livechat. Awesome.
Andrew Vallejos Via Google

I wanted an allergy test where I didn’t need to send in blood, and this one uses hair. The results came quickly and have really been a great help.
Caroline Lauren Via Google

Hospital recommended a test so I bought this one. They were happy with the results and it has allowed me to change my diet.
Steven Lloyd Via Google

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We offer a wide range of allergy tests that are non-invasive, affordable, and risk-free. The process is easy and fast.


You’ll receive a sample form to complete… Then just pop that and your hair sample in the post to the address provided.


Testing 725 potential allergy catalysts; food or ingredients such as wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, nuts, pollen & dust.


Receive your comprehensive report conveniently by email! Another reason to test your sensitivities today!

Send us your sample locally!

Your test sample(s) can be sent to your local sorting office keeping postage costs to a minimum, or you can pay a little more and send it straight to the expert UK testing lab for quicker results...

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